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Best youtube channel for graphic design for beginners

in blog on 10/10/2022

Looking for best youtube channel for graphic design for beginners? We will help you find the best ones. You can find anything on YouTube today. No matter what you are looking for, it can be professional design courses, photo editing lessons, videos. The advantage of such channels on YouTube is that you don’t need to be a professional to start learning on YouTube. There are many examples of how current experts in certain professions studied through YouTube channels.

In this article, we will present to you the most useful and suitable channels that you can use as a source for understanding your knowledge.

Best youtube channel for graphic design for beginners

#1 Will Paterson

Will Paterson

Subject: Logo design, hand lettering, Illustrator tutorials

Subscribers: 608K

Creator: Will Paterson

Since you need a channel to improve your knowledge in graphic design, namely in logo design, then Will Patterson has something to offer you. This channel is suitable not only for the entry level, but also for professionals. Here is everything you need: logo design, illustrations and up to a product review

#2 Arnau Ros

Arnau Ros

Subject: Web design (UI, UX), Freelancing, Figma tutorials

Subscribers: 7.7K

Creator: Arnau Ros

Arnau Ros is one of our favorite channels that we recommend to everyone. Arnau is a pretty talented freelance designer who is a professional in his field. His channel has a lot of useful videos on how to work with Figma.

#3 Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Subject: Photoshop tutorials

Subscribers: 618K

Creator: Adobe

Despite the fact that there are quite a large number of useful channels on Photoshop on YouTube, but the official Adobe Photoshop channel itself should not be underestimated. This channel has a lot of short guides on the main functions, toolkits and much more. Therefore, if you need to quickly solve a Photoshop problem, then this channel is an ideal option.

#4 Satori Graphics

Satori Graphics

Subject: Freelancing, Graphic design guides (fonts, plugins, techniques, etc.)

Subscribers: 884K

Creator: Tom Cargill

Satori Graphics is a channel where you will definitely find everything: from career development videos to font design and tutorials. We recommend this channel

#4 Hello, I’m Alexa

Hello, I’m Alexa

Subject: Freelancing, UX design, vlogs

Subscribers: 23K

Creator: Alexa Herasimchuk

The Alexa channel is a reasonable choice, especially for those who are a UX designer and looking for inspiration. The peculiarity of this channel is that the channel covers everything that a UX designer may need.

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