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Do i need a logo for my business ?

in blog on 27/11/2021

What is a logo and why is it important ?

Do i need a logo for my business ? While a well-designed logo describes your company, it also provides a professional, reassuring impression to your customers and outsiders.

In cases where your company-institution does not have a logo or you do not have a professional logo, your company will be viewed with suspicion from the outside, and it will be questioned whether you are sufficient in your business, no matter how rooted you are.

A logo is a must-have for all corporations, not just for companies in the free market. Your logo is not only in advertisements; business card, invoice, e-mail etc. You also use it in the channels where you need to represent your company officially.

So if yos ask  yourself Do i need a logo for my business,  the need for a professional logo is inevitable both in private companies in the free market and in organizations that do not need any advertising.

What should a good logo include ?

The text should be as clean and legible as possible.

Although many small businesses think that their brand will grow into a very well-known big brand, the most important thing at the beginning is that people who don’t know us yet can easily read our name and understand it correctly. This text should be easily readable in different places and in different colors. You can put your logo on your company vehicle, billboards, business cards, building walls, etc. You may need to adapt it to many places. For this reason, it will be very useful to be prepared to work out how your logo will stand on many different colored backgrounds.

Create a user guide for your logo and follow these guidelines

What is a logo and why is it important ? Your logo will be used at many different points by you or the companies you have contracted for the design. At this stage, you will need to work with different designers in different channels where you will use your logo. You may have to re-make designs, re-purchase printed materials, etc., as different designers manipulate your logo on their own accord. you may encounter problems. Moreover, if your logo is not used consistently at every point, this will harm your company identity. Therefore, your logo should be a user manual.

In this way, you will have clarified many issues such as what proportions your logo should maintain in growth-shrinking situations, what color logo should be used on which background, which background colors should not be used with your logo, and this guide will guide your designer while protecting you. After the logo sent with this guide, if the designer makes a mistake again, you have the chance not to buy this work and not to pay for the new design again.

While this process is a little too detailed for small businesses, it is easiest to do at the very beginning when you don’t know where your company will reach – how much it will grow.

Prefer simple colors

As we mentioned before, your logo will be available in many different media, on many different materials and with many different backgrounds. For this reason, logos that contain too much detail, are photographic, and consist of transition colors can cause problems. With different printing techniques, your logo can become very difficult to recognize. That’s why the world’s strongest brands use 3 primary colors in their logos and take care not to use transition colors.

You have decided to have a logo made, what about now?

If you have not been trained in this business, or if you have not gained experience in this field for many years and created well-known logos, the best way would be to work with a professional designer.

Although many websites have emerged where you can automatically design your logo with the developing internet services, the best way is to work with local design offices. Also, if you do not have time and do not want to go to a designer, then you can view our collection of ready-made logos that are suitable for any occasion for any business.

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