3D Glasses NFT – #0003 / He lives in the movie world

in on 17/12/2021

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Jeyhun MD

3d glasses nft is a hero living in this city. Make your choice now to join the game with this hero. After choosing your hero, start following the rules of the city. Collect bonuses by killing your enemies in the city and turn them into money. It’s only night in this city. Don’t forget and always remember. 3d glasses nft hero may be ideal for you. He kills people by watching movies.

3D Glasses NFT Calculates The World As A Movie

3d glasses nft hoodie belongs to the city and is trying to protect this city. But he spends all day watching movies. He is protecting the city from enemies by learning the tactics he has seen from the movies. Now if you also like watching movies then this nft hero is for you. This collection is related to the metaverse game. Our hero here watches a lot of movies and his glasses are 3d. This nft artwork is a 1/1 limited collection. These artworks are all individually drawn by Jeyhun MD. 3d glasses nft you can love this hero very much. get the cute hero now.

Characteristics of this hero:

  1. Background: Blue
  2. Eyes: Wears 3d glasses
  3. Face: Human
  4. Feature: Looks at movies a lot
  5. Hoodie: White
  6. Mouth: Wonderment
  7. Skin: Light brown

3d glasses nft is the most attractive hero of this Hoodie Zero collection. He has watched movies all over the world in every language. He operates the tactics in the movies in the world. He is very smart and quickly wipes his glasses. The specialty of this collection is that you can be the hero himself. You choose the hero you like and you start the metaverse game. The collection is limited and each of the heroes is drawn individually. Each of them has its own feature. 3d glasses nft differ from others by watching movies. The name of the city is also based on the name of the collection. We must protect this city. It’s easy to go to another planet. Staying on this planet takes courage and faith.

Hoodie Zero heroes trying to protect the city from people walking around without a hoodie. Start protecting your city by owning one of these heroes. If you like glasses nft then buy from opensea as limited collection. He is very cute and amazed by everything. Get your entry ticket easily within the Metaverse with Hoodie Zero.

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