Zombie NFT – #0006 / Killing people with virus

in on 17/12/2021

To download the file, please go to the PC version



Jeyhun MD

Zombie nft virus is very heavy and deadly. He’s poisoning all the people in this city. By choosing this hero you can spread the virus in the city. The city is not small. But this virus is enough to kill your enemies. Now imagine that this hero will be for you. Metaverse game with zombie nft will be very exciting. Don’t focus on the poison coming out of your mouth.

Zombie NFT You Have Reason To Escape

Zombie nft is limited in this collection and by getting it you are impersonating it. This metaverse game is a game where you will witness both fun and scary events. After all the NFT works in the collection are sold, the game will be prepared and you will start playing by entering the metaverse.

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