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Save the world by downloading global warming vector

Together we can save the world with global warming vector. For this, you can subscribe to Digiltable and benefit from our designs. We invest 30% per subscriber to plant new trees. Let tall buildings be reduced and fresh trees planted instead.

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  • Moon phase icons creative 2021
  • Climate change icons 2021
  • Forest fire icon 2021
  • Forest fire icon - Save the world

Wildfire icons  – Invest for our future

Wildfire icons are another way of expressing natural anomalies and their disastrous consequences that are happening today. On this page, we, as Digiltable, post vector works in icon format dedicated mainly to the problem of global warming and global problems in the whole environment. Our wildfire icons reflect the deplorable state of our flora and fauna, namely our forests, the animals that fall prey to these events. Each of us must contribute to solving the problem of forest fires and environmental pollution. We try to get creative with these issues by dedicating our vector products to them. We have also created an opportunity for you, our visitors, to contribute to the planting of new trees. 30% of the amount received from sales through our website (for each subscription) will be invested in planting new trees. Therefore, let’s unite, together with you we will do a lot for our planet, for our only home!