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How to make money in graphic design

in blog on 12/08/2021

Is there money in graphic design ?? Looking for to become a graphic designer and worried about how to make money in graphic design ? We would like to please all those who want to master graphic design or those who are already in the profession and would like to scale in this area – there is work. We do not live by one job. This article contains options for both a part-time job or a hobby, and full self-realization on freelance. We’ll start with the least obvious options.

Sale of prints

Sale of prints is one of the best anwer to question how to make money in graphic design. There are platforms selling T-shirts (as well as sweatshirts, cups, phone cases, pillows, etc.) with prints. The task of the designer is to create a unique print, upload, write a description and keywords. And the marketplace, in turn, is engaged in the sale, printing and delivery to the buyer. The author receives royalties, on average, the amount ranges from $ 2 to $ 10 for each sale. Naturally, good earnings are obtained on a large volume of sales. Therefore, the wider your portfolio, the more opportunities to generate more profit. Examples of such platforms are:

• Amazon Merch is the most popular.
• Redbubble
• TeePublic
• Etsy + Printful – These are two platforms that I work in collaboration with. On Etsy, you post a product and Printful prints and ships it to the customer. After a little integration, everything works automatically.


Microstocks is the easiest way to make money in graphic design. The essence is the same as with the sale of merchandise products: you create a vector illustration, upload, write a description and keywords. It is worth uploading once, and the image will be on sale for an unlimited amount of time. In addition, vectors can be uploaded to several stocks at the same time, which will increase profits several times. And one more plus, there is no rating system at all, that is, it is impossible to get a bad review, few varnishes, few stars for work. The position in the search results is determined only by the description and keywords. There are fewer royalties per sale, mostly 10-30 cents. Although there are often exceptions and you can get $ 5, $ 10, and sometimes even $ 100 per sale. But they also buy at stocks many times more often. Examples of the most popular microstocks:

On these platforms, it is customary to sell works by case studies. That is, to make out your design on various visual mockups or sell sets of all kinds of templates, icons, logos, etc. Here it is necessary to get confused about the design of the case, but the price for the purchase may be higher than that of the previous list of stocks, since the designer exposes it samba, the platform takes from 20% to 50% of the profit.

How to make money in graphic design – Freelance exchanges

Perhaps you already know about them, but if you suddenly don’t know, this section will be useful for you. Freelance exchange is an intermediary between the customer and the contractor. Company owners or managers from all over the world need design, and designers, again, from all over the world, need work. The work can be done hourly or for a fixed amount, lying in bed or sitting in a coworking space, in the dead of night or, as is customary, during the day. The success of a designer depends on his rating and feedback received from clients. I will highlight the most interesting ones, as for me, and leave the link below for the rest.

Design on the website builder

If you still wonder how to make money in graphic design so the web design niche on freelance has noticeably lost its position due to the fact that a lot of website builders such as Wix, Tilda, Squarespace, etc. have appeared. But at the same time, there is a need for a designer who can create a beautiful and convenient website on the same platforms. And you don’t need to be a programmer for that. All you need is to take a ready-made platform template, place text content in it, choose a photo style, if necessary, process a photo or draw vector graphics for the site.

Presentation design

There are very few designers who specialize in presentations for public speaking and events. There are even fewer designers who understand PowerPoint or Keynote, and even more so can do basic animations in them. Although it’s a matter of a couple of hours to figure it out. Presentation software is not designed for complex animations like After Effects, for example, but even with basic effects, the result is impressive. Animation in presentations is just the icing on the cake.

Above, we talked about not the most obvious options for self-realization on freelance and about how to make money in graphic design in general. But not everyone is able to work for themselves, and that’s okay. You can be a designer in an advertising agency, branding studios, IT companies, or any other large firm not related to digital or IT. At the same time, have a good salary and successfully move up the career ladder. The main thing is not to be afraid to look for “your” employer. Finally, we would like to note that there is work! And there are more than enough options where you can realize yourself as a graphic designer. Set goals and move forward!

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