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How To Start Freelance Graphic Design ?

in blog on 14/02/2022

How To Start Freelance Graphic Design ?

How to start freelance graphic design – it is a question that comes to the mind of every graphic designer who wants to start a freelancing career and wants to make money. If this question comes into your mind as well, then you should read the article below, because in the article below I am explaining the answer in detail. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Steps on How To Start Freelance Graphic Design:

1.   Select your Micro-Niche (Specialization):

The first step here is to figure out your niche, or micro-niche. As you may know, graphic design is a vast niche, and it has multiple smaller niches. For example, in graphic design, you can select logo design, banner design, marketing design, photo-editing, and computer-generated graphics design. For that reason, you need to know about different niches in graphic design and select a micro-niche. Selecting a micro-niche has multiple benefits, for example, you will become an expert in a specific set of skills. This will allow you to do similar kinds of work and make a living through it.

2.   Earn A certification In Your Niche:

After selecting your niche, you need to get a certification in your specific niche. It is not always necessary to have certification, but if you have a certification, you will be able to build trust with your customers. A lot of customers prefer freelancers who have a graphics designing certification or logo design certification. There are multiple graphics design certifications available online and offline and you can select any of them for this purpose. If you are figuring out how to start freelance graphic design, it is important to have certification before that. Otherwise, you can select a niche in graphic design and select a certification after that. This allows you to get a certification in a specific niche of your personal choice.

3.   Create Your Website And Portfolio:

For those who are wondering about how to start freelance graphic design, it is important to have a portfolio and a personal website. Where you can showcase your work of graphic design. For example, you should check the work of artists at who publish their graphics content regularly on the site. You need to create a similar website where you can sell your services to those who need them. It is one of the most important steps. You should get the help of professional website builders who can help you build better websites for the portfolio. If you can build your website, it will help you save money at the start of your business.

4.   Register Yourself on Freelancing Websites:

The next step in figuring out how to start freelance graphic design business is that you need to register yourself on a freelancing website. These websites take a small portion of your income and provide you with a wide pool of potential buyers that you can attract from around the world. Examples of these websites include, Fiverr, and Upwork. It allows you to work independently with these clients and earn a living. But you should also focus on building your portfolio outside of these websites for that purpose, you can utilize the skills of marketing. You will have to promote your business on social media websites where you can pay for the business ads. After that, people will see your adverts and will contact you if they need your services.

5.   Attract Customers:

The fifth step in figuring out how to start freelance graphic design is that you need to learn communication and marketing to attract customers. You need to learn the art of closing a deal so that you can talk to your customers with more confidence and show them your work. So, they can decide about hiring you. After you are hired, make sure to provide the best services possible. This will allow you to expand your network of clients and you will be able to earn more money while working as a freelance graphic designer.

6.   Grow Your Freelance Profile:

Next thing is that you need to grow your freelance portfolio or profile. Growing your profile is important as it allows you to get more business as time passes. Also, you can increase the service charges for your service with time to make more profits. Your experience, portfolio, and grown freelance profile will help you get more customers over time.


In the article above, we discuss the answer to the question “how to start freelance graphic design” career/business and how you can make a living throughout. If you think that there is only one way of making a living through a graphic design career, then you are wrong. Because as a graphic designer, you have more options of making a living rather than one option. So, if you are learning about how to start freelance graphic design business, you should know that you have other options such as creating NFTs and selling them online. You can learn all about this from the official website. Also, you can join this website to earn a living by selling your professionally created graphics, and characters. So, what are you waiting for, you should start learning about it, and master the skills if you want to make a living through the graphic design career. 

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