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Metaverse NFT Game Hoodie Zero

In This City Everybody Wears Hoodies And They Follow The Rules.


     Metaverse nft game Hoodie Zero is a virtual game full of reality. Hoodie Zero heroes have their own’s special powers. 10,000 Hoodie Zeros will be available. But before all, 70 rare heroes are presented individually hand-drawn.  People who buy the NFT artwork will join the game that will take place in the metaverse with the character they purchased.



Metaverse nft game Hoodie Zero will touch your senses. This game takes place in a city full of hoodie people. Each character has its own characteristic. No one can walk around this city without wearing a hoodie. With the NFT character you purchased, you will have to follow the rules in the city. Those who do not follow the rules will be sent to purgatory and will stay there forever. With the character you bought, you will try to survive by making money by fulfilling the missions in the city. You can get married and have children in this city. In the Metaverse nft game Hoodie Zero you will have your own house and your cat.

  • Lady NFT - #0016 His lips are so big & eyes are small
  • Sleepy NFT - #0015 Always sleepy in this city
  • Grim Reaper NFT Art - #0014 The city's gambler
  • NFT Robot - #0013 Hacking the internet Web 3.0
  • Sport NFT - Running Man - #0012 / He likes to run madly
  • Santa Claus NFT - Red Beard - #0011 / Bloody beard
  • 10---unsewn-mouth
  • 9 - fighting mustache
  • 8---angel
  • 7---devil
  • 6 - zombie
  • 5---time
  • 2---methamphetamine
  • 3 - 3d glasses
  • 2 - sewn mouth
  • 1 - skeleton

Metaverse NFT Game – the ultimate metaverse game where you need to stay alive and perform quests

Metaverse NFT Game Hoodie Zero is an engaging and exciting experience where your primary focus is to try and keep your character alive by following the rules and completing a vast range of quests. It’s a huge challenge, but something that can bring in some extraordinary results if you do everything right. The game is played on the metaverse and it features a collection of 10070 NFT characters, each with its own attributes and characteristics.

How does the Metaverse NFT Game work?

The way the Hoodie Zero works is quite interesting and innovative. The main idea is that once you get one of the 10070 NFTs created specifically for the game, you will be dropped into a city full of hoodies. However, the rule here is that everyone must wear hoodies and those who do not follow the rules are sent to purgatory. You really have to follow the rules if you want to survive in this world.

Since every character has its own set of characteristics and abilities, you really need to harness those in order to stay alive. Thankfully, there are many different quests in this Game, and they will put all those skills to the test. With that in mind, even while completing quests, you must focus on following the rules and pushing the boundaries of your capabilities.

Fulfill missions in the Metaverse NFT Game and stay alive

Your main focus in this metaverse game is to ensure that you live your life following the rules. You can get married, have kids, even make your own home, adopt a pet and so on. There are no limits and that’s the thing that makes the Metaverse NFT Game stand out. The only way to make money here is via completing missions, and they vary both in size, style and complexity. There are a lot of different missions that you need to follow, each with its fair share of unique details and ideas. You just have to check it out for yourself and test your skills.

Since this world is governed by entities with set rules, you always need to stick to those ideas, while pushing the limits and trying out new things. There are many challenges that can arise in the Metaverse NFT Game, and all you have to do is to harness your capabilities and pave your own way into this world.

Try out the ultimate Metaverse NFT Game

Hoodie Zero is the ultimate Metaverse Game that requires more than just collecting characters. It’s a fully immersive experience where everything that you do will influence the way you live in this world. From completing quests to adopting a pet, creating a family and staying alive in this world, everything is very well designed and you get to be a part of a wonderful, immersive place with its fair share of rules. Do you have what it takes to live in the Metaverse NFT Game Hoodie Zero? Try it out today!



We are in a big simulation.
We set ourselves some goals. When we reach the target sales percentage, the ways mentioned will be active and you will also benefit.
10% – We are planting new trees.
20% – You get to meet the city of heroes full of hoodies.
40% – Youtube channel about Hoodie Zero is launching and there will be surprises.
60% – Special t-shirts designed for Hoodie Zero will be on sale. It will be given as a gift to those who have the Hoodie Zero hero.
80% – The animals that will be in the city of Hoodie Zero are given to you as a gift.
100% – Hoodie Zero game will be released