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Vector icon packs - Save Nature


We Invest 30% To Plant New Trees

Saving nature with set of vectors is possible by downloading designs on  Digiltable site. It’s because we invest in planting trees according to each subscriber. You can save nature by living this journey with us. Each design downloaded means planting a new tree. Protecting our home means protecting our family.
set of vectors

Free​ Social Media Post Templates from set of vectors 

Some examples from this pack


  • Moon phase icons creative 2021
  • Punk rock icon creative 2021
  • Forest fire icon 2021
  • Ambulance icon creative
  • Icon for work creative
  • Icons rocket traveling to mars



  • Light blue pattern background 2021
  • Background artwork - Cover design
  • Black background eps - Crazy Darkness
  • Background Images - COLOR COVER


  • St patrick png creative 2022
  • Abstract gray background 2021
  • Abstract graphic designs - White spirograph
  • Vector stock images downloader liquid abstraction