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What are vector illustrations ?

in blog on 27/10/2021

What are vector illustrations ?(what is vector illustrationAn illustration is a picture, graph, or diagram that illustrates an idea with an example. Images can tell a story in their own right, or they can accompany text and reveal context. Illustration is both an art and a craft.

The line between graphic design and artistic practice can be very thin. On the one hand, an illustrator is an artist who reassembles the world through the lens of his own perception. On the other hand, illustration is about designing and solving specific problems. Vector illustrations are widely used in advertising, marketing and design today. This technique is based on the use of the simplest geometric elements to form an integral picture. Vector illustrations are an alternative to raster graphics, which involves composing an image from basic point elements (pixels).

Illustrations of dogs - Trying to look cool
Illustrations of dogs – Trying to look cool

What are vector illustrations and how are they created?

Vector illustrations have crisp outlines, high print quality, and can be easily scaled to larger or smaller sizes without compromising image quality. With all these advantages, this graphics technology is used to create:

  • Outdoor advertising media;
  • Logos, branding;
  • Advertising printing.

The only caveat when working with vector drawings is the impossibility of transferring a smooth transition of color (stretch in tone). If it is necessary to achieve this effect, it is more expedient to create raster illustrations.

Bespoke vector illustrations for advertising purposes can be more expensive than using photographs, but the quality of the image will be more than justified by the cost of the author’s work to create it.

The main advantage of vector graphics can be called high resolution, which is achieved through the use of many geometric parameters that make it possible to specify the image.

What is the difference between a designer, artist and illustrator ?

Graphic Designer Identifies the customer’s needs and finds a solution. The goal is visual communication with the audience. The graphic designer uses ready-made images and modifies them based on the task. Academic drawing skills are usually not needed, the main tool is graphic editors. The designer creates a composition and visually forms the client’s idea into a holistic concept.

The artist Experiencing an inner need to find his vision. Explores the world and expands the understanding of the familiar. Produces exclusive material that is often personal and incomprehensible, but interesting, and most importantly, sincere.

Illustrator Creates narrative images for a specific environment. Looks for ways to convey feelings, mood and context on a given topic. An illustrator performs specific tasks and serves a so-called medium – for example, a brand or literary work. 

In fact, the boundaries between these professions are becoming blurred. So, artists promote their personal brand, designers learn to draw by hand, and illustrators learn animation and 3D. To get a better understanding of what are vector illustration, you can view our products below as an example. Below you can see our illustrations as an example download them for free !

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