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What is graphic design salary

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If you are wondering what is graphic design salary we will try to answer this together. Going to the freelance exchanges, you can be horrified – orders for 10$, a lot of competition, the need to have reviews in your profile. In companies, the situation is better – most of them are ready to pay a novice designer from 500$ a month. But how much do experienced specialists get and how to reach their level? Let’s figure it out.

What is graphic design salary in Europe and the USA

In the United States, budding graphic designers earn from $ 3,500. An experienced specialist of the company is ready to pay $ 5,000 a month, and an art director $ 5,800 or more (according to the site

In Europe, the average salary for a graphic designer varies greatly from country to country:

  • Switzerland – € 5852;
  • Finland – € 2,904;
  • Sweden – € 2832;
  • Germany – € 2800;
  • UK – € 2,612.
  • France – € 2386;
  • Czech Republic – € 1143.

The number of working hours per week may also differ – for example, in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, a graphic designer works 40 hours, in Switzerland 42, in France 35, and in Finland 38. A prerequisite for employment in a European company is knowledge of the language of that country in which to work. Otherwise, the requirements for candidates are the same as in Russia – professional knowledge of graphic editors, the ability to prepare projects for printing, knowledge of materials and paints, and a creative approach to work.

What is graphic design salary of a freelancer

For work on important projects, clients usually prefer specialists with significant experience and expertise. Good work is the foundation of trust, and customers are willing to pay more to someone they can trust. An experienced graphic designer gets almost eight times more than a beginner!

The level of expertise, as well as the availability and specifics of experience, are critical to potential income. In the freelance market, your potential income depends on how much customers are willing to pay for your talents. Competition among freelancers also affects pricing, which means it imposes restrictions on the maximum possible earnings.

The more technical skills a job requires and the higher the level of those skills you have, the higher your earning potential. Studying complex or rare design programs and tools can increase your income. For example, there is a high demand for UI / UX designers right now. If you specialize in this type of design, you can make over $ 97,000 a year. This is significantly higher than the average graphic designer salary.

Freelancing attracts with decent earnings, flexibility and variety of work. We hope this overview of potential freelance earnings in graphic design will help you understand if this is the right path for you, what skills to focus on, and which country to target.

How to increase the value of your work?

In order for a graphic designer to earn a lot, it is not so much skill (although it does play a role) that is important as the ability to sell their services. To receive profitable freelance orders, you must:

1. Make up a selling portfolio and arrange it into a presentation. The portfolio is the “face” of the designer. You need to choose 5-6 successful cases that most fully reflect your professional level.

2. Gradually increase the cost of your services. Often newcomers are marking time, fearing for months to raise the price tag for work, because they believe that customers will refuse to cooperate with a “arrogant” specialist. This tactic can lead to disillusionment with the profession. In fact, customers are not buying a picture, but a business solution. Show that your projects will bring real value and customers will be willing to pay more.

3. To develop all the time. Graphic design is an area in which it is not enough to get an education and then forget about learning. You need to follow trends, analyze the successful work of competitors, attend professional webinars, exhibitions and festivals. It is advisable to get an artistic base, master the basic principles of marketing, learn how to use additional programs.

Now, when you have received the answer to the question, you can enter the process of working as a reptile with yourself and start earning !

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